Too many companies undervalue the role of a great Recruiter.

A great Recruiter will not only find the person you need for the role today, they will ensure that person has what it takes to be a fit for a role tomorrow.  A great Recruiter will positively impact the bottom line of a company, but they will also bring strength and vitality to a companies culture through diligent, conscientious interviewing and intentional candidate management.

The challenge in finding a great recruiter is that for the most part the person hiring the recruiter doesn’t have a background in recruiting and simply doesn’t have the experience to differentiate between a good recruiter and great one.

This is where I can help.  I spent almost 15 years as an IT Recruiter, I have hired hundreds of people and conducted thousands of interviews.  Over the years, I realized what I really enjoyed the most was interviewing, hiring and training recruiters.  I am passionate about quality interviews.  I think candidate management is perhaps the most critical element of the recruiting process.  Far too many Recruiters are never afforded the training required to find, interview and manage the candidates they work with.  This means the best candidates might be slipping through their fingers or even worse, the wrong candidates are being hired into roles that are not a fit for.

I would love to help you hire your next Recruiter.  I would love to work with your existing Recruiting team to elevate their interviewing skills and sure you have a strong candidate management experience program in place.  I can give your HR Team and your hiring managers a rich foundation to allow them to effectively interview and hire the best candidates.

My approach is a blend of my many years of recruiting experience coupled with my coaching background.  I offer a deeper more meaningful interview process that allows your recruiters to really know their candidates.




If you would be interested learning more about how I can help improve your recruiting process let’s talk!