Everyday I tell myself that today I’m going to welcome all new ideas, perspectives and opinions with open arms, I’m definitely not going to get stuck thinking that my point of view is ‘right’ or that my way of doing something is the only way it can get done.

Now how many days actually go like that?  Not very many…

I know there is a chance that someone else might know more than me, might be more creative, could bring new and unique perspective to a challenge I’m working on.  So why do I sometimes find myself getting dug in on wanting my way, or thinking I’m right because you know… I think I’m right.

Wouldn’t it be great if our natural response to a different perspective was “Wow how lucky am I, now I have two great points of view to consider!”  I think it’s natural to feel like we need to defend our POV, we are a reflection of our beliefs, so if our beliefs are challenged then in a way our value is being questioned.

Where it gets tricky is separating fact from fiction.  So often what we hold onto as “true” is not true it’s just our opinion.  Yet as soon as we label it as true it becomes a fact for us, something that could define us.  It becomes something we have to defend.  If I believe something to be true and you believe something different then by default what you believe is false.

The best example of this is watching two commentators on CNN argue about the politics.  Both sides present so many compelling “”Facts” about why their side is right and the other side is wrong.  There are no facts, there are just opinions, and I think we all know what they say about opinions and a certain body part 😉

Here’s an experiment you can try.  Put a Post It note on your monitor or somewhere you will see it all the time that says “ARE YOU SURE?”  The next time you feel like you are right and they are wrong or you have to defend your truth take a second and ask yourself “Are you Sure?”  Are you really right?  Is this really a fact or could it be your opinion?  If you find it is just your opinion then it’s much easier to open up and consider a new viewpoint.  You never know, maybe that will lead to a new possibility for action that you never considered.