I’ve been hearing a lot lately about Flotation Tanks or Sensory Deprivation chambers.  When I heard that Prema Sai had one I knew I had to try it!

Here is the description from Prema Sai’s website:

“Flotation therapy involves immersing yourself in a tank of shallow water that is saturated with an Epsom-salt solution, giving it the “Dead Sea effect”, allowing you to experience a sense of weightlessness. The sensation allows you to feel like you are floating in space. If you choose to utilize ear plugs you will be able to experience full sensory deprivation, at which point every muscle in your body will relax.”

It was a little strange when you first get in the tank, you float so easily it’s very easy to completely relax.  One trick I often use to meditate is to concentrate on my breathing, normally within a few minutes my mind is feeling clear and my thoughts are more random and slower.  I tried this in the tank and it worked great.  It wasn’t long before I really lost track of time and in some ways space as well.  Occasionally i would feel like I was slowly moving in a circle, which isn’t actually possible given the size of the the tank.  Sometimes the tank felt like it was closing in on me and other moments it felt vast.  I had a tough time feeling how submerged I was and believe it or not there were several times I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed.

There was a real serene feeling being in the tank, it wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t exciting either.  It was just a feeling of being, anyone who meditates could relate to the feeling.  When the 60 minutes was done I felt so relaxed and so rested.  It was very cool experience and one I will certainly do again.