“Winners never quit, and quitters never win”… or do they?  This week Jill and I talk about the art of being a quitter.  When is quitting the best option?  How do we assess quitting in ourselves and other people?

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Jill Norris is an award-winning certified coach, health researcher, and educator. She specializes in scientific writing and knowledge synthesis and supports academics to become more effective in work and life through a holistic coaching approach.

Find her at www.AcademicSouffle.com or @AcademicSouffle on Twitter and Instagram

Justin Bergeron is an ICF Certified Coach who specialized in Career and Leadership Coaching.   With a long background in Recruiting, HR and Leadership Development, Justin (JB to his friends) is passionate about meaningful one on one conversation.

You can find him at www.artofbeing.ca or www.justinbergeron.ca on Twitter and Instagram he is @justinbergeron