I like you.  Do you like me?  If you like this Instagram picture I might feel a bit better about myself.  I put a lot of thought into presenting myself in just the right way so you see what I want you to see.  Oh it’s the real me… but maybe it’s the shiny version of me.

This week I chat with Shannon Yacyshyn about the art of being seen.  How do we curate our public profiles to enhance or hide what’s really going on?

Shannon Yacyshyn (pronounced: ya-sish-in) is recovering food blogger and Instagram addict.  She can be found on various social platforms under the handle @shannonyac (twitter, Instagram, yelp and facebook) and occasionally updates a Facebook page entitled Red Deer Foodie.  If you go deep on Red Deer Shaw channel’s youtube account, you may even find the video of her making pancakes!

Justin Bergeron is an ICF Certified Coach who specialized in Career and Leadership Coaching.   With a long background in Recruiting, HR and Leadership Development, Justin (JB to his friends) is passionate about meaningful one on one conversation.

You can find him at www.artofbeing.ca or www.justinbergeron.ca on Twitter and Instagram he is @justinbergeron